Want to Know My Pet Peeve?

OK – I confess – I have a pet peeve about photos.  Specifically about poorly done photos on properties that are listed for sale.  I get really annoyed when I see dimly lit rooms, kitchens with cluttered countertops, refrigerators covered in magnets and papers, and out of focus pictures.  Sellers, you deserve better - homes with high quality photos sell 32% faster.

Given that over 90% of buyers start their search online, if you don’t have great photos, your property is going to be bypassed in seconds.  And buyers will not go back to review it once they’ve weeded it out.   So sellers, do yourself a favor and go view how your house looks online.  If you are not seeing clean lines, decluttered and bright rooms with wide angle lens shots, and crisp photos, then it is time to have an honest conversation with your agent on how you can better prepare your house for photos.   And you need to ask the agent how they will take higher quality photos.  Contact me if you want to work with an agent who knows how to maximize your online presence.  DonnaForest.com; Donna@DonnaForest.com; 603-526-4116

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