Seven Deadly Sins of Selling

  • Overpricing – Even in a good market, a house priced too high will just sit.
  • Not Prepping Home – Decluttering, depersonalizing, cleaning.  All a must do before selling.
  • Neglecting Curb Appeal – First impressions count.  And you don’t get a second chance at enticing buyers.
  • Ignoring Repairs – Poor maintenance will leave buyers wondering what else is wrong with the house.  And can be deal killers when the home inspection is done.
  • Being Emotional – When a house goes on the market it becomes a commodity and not your home.  Making decisions based on emotions will cost you.
  • Taking Offense at Low Offers – Buyers are trying to buy at the lowest price they can.  An offer is most always a starting point for negotiations.
  • Not Hiring a Professional – It’s a fact For Sale by Owners end up selling for less than if they hired a realtor.

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