Setting Up an Effective, Beautiful Entryway

The entryway of your home holds a lot of power. Although it’s a small portion of your house, it’s the first thing people see when they walk through the door. If your guests are greeted with a pile of shoes and a heap of clutter, it can make the entire atmosphere seem chaotic. Instead, you want your entryway to be welcoming and beautiful. However, with so many essentials needing to be near the front door and with such a little space to work with, it can be hard to find a way to make the entryway effective as well as stunning. Fortunately, with these entryway ideas, you’ll see just how easy it is to turn your entryway into a practical masterpiece.

Open the Space with a Large Mirror

Entryways are small. The area is often crowded, and even more so when you have a plethora of guests arriving. However, hanging a large mirror on the wall will open up the space, making it seem significantly larger. It can also distract people from a small entryway. In addition, natural lighting from your front door will reflect in the mirror, making the space appear lighter and more inviting.

Separate the Entry from the Entryway

When people enter your home, they stop just after the front door. They take off their shoes, remove their jackets, set down their keys and handbags. This can quickly make your entryway crowded, especially if it’s a small space.  Designate a portion of the entryway for practicality. Move the shoe racks away from the front door so people can enter without tripping. Also, trade in the floor coat rack for one mounted on the wall to free up more floor space. It’ll make coming and going within your home easy.

Prioritize and Organize

Decide what actually needs to be in the entryway. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, consider moving it elsewhere, even if it’s just down the hall from the front door. Look beyond the large furniture pieces. The smallest items can sometimes be the biggest culprits, taking away from the aesthetics of your entryway. Hats, mitts, scarves, magazines, newspapers, flyers, and anything else that is currently being collected in a heaping pile of stuff should be moved.  Install more hooks in the hallway. Additionally, place decorative baskets to hide the clutter.

Add in a Multi-Purpose Storage Bench

Multi-purpose furniture pieces are excellent, especially in smaller areas of the home. A storage bench is the perfect piece of furniture for entryways. It allows your guests to sit down to remove or put on their shoes, while you get the added benefit of hidden storage compartments. Storage benches also come in various shapes and styles. Some look like actual benches whereas others look like vintage trunks. Either way, they’re perfect for your entryway.

Display Personality

Don’t put everything away. Your entryway should still showcase the things that make your house a home. Hang photos on the wall and little mementos with sentimental value. The best decorating tip is to make your home perfect for you.

Your entryway doesn’t have to resemble that of a schoolyard when the recess bell rings and all the kids are trying to squeeze through the door at once. Gone are the days of tripping over shoes. With a little TLC and these decorating ideas, your entryway can be just as practical as it is beautiful.

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