3 Tips to Avoid Last Minute Stress

Selling and in the throes of packing and moving?  Below are some helpful tips to help get through those final days so you don't end up creating more work for yourself at the last minute.

1.  Don't leave personal items unless the buyers agreed to it.  While you may think you are doing them a favor by leaving that sofa and bar stools, the buyers could view it differently.  You don't want to be coming back to remove things right before the closing. Always check first.

2.  Leftover paint, tile, and cleaning supplies.  All useful for the new owners, right?  Again, confirm that buyers want it left.  It's not that easy to get rid of this stuff at the eleventh hour.

3.  You may be closing in a week, but you still need to maintain the yard.  Having buyers pull up to a house with foot high grass to do their walk-through inspection could be contentious.

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